Turbodiesel Porsche Cayenne!

Studio TechArt specialising on completion Porsche, has operatively enough exhausted an exclusive aerowhale for recently presented diesel Cayenne, the equipped 3,0 l V-shaped 6-cylinder TDI from Audi capacity of 240 h.p. Finished Cayenne from TechArt, undoubtedly, arrests to itself a sight in spite of the fact that outwardly it looks less extremely, than other firm tuning complete sets. The aerowhale from TechaArt consists of a front weather-cloth with additional optics, lateral aerodynamic panels, a spoiler on a roof, a rear apron with the built in choke tube, and furnish for front and rear headlights. All components of tuning are executed from high-quality polyurethane RIM. The complete set for Porsche Cayenne is added by a set of 21-inch cast disks put in 295/35 tyres Continental, besides, to buyers possibility to choose 22-inch wheels is given.

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